Tom Dixon at Paramount Hotel

I came across this hotel through an update from Tom Dixon’s FB page. The Paramount Hotel at Times Square, NY, is refurnished by Meyer Davis Studio and uses some Tom Dixon light fittings. It looks amazing in the pictures. I might have to put it on my to-do-list for the next NY trip.
The pictures are taken from Paramount’s homepage:

Paramount-Bar-Grill_1 FB

Paramount-Hotel-NY FB

The-Paramount-Hotel-Lobby FB

the-paramount-hotel-lobby_4 FB


Mansfield at an end

I have reached the end of Mansfield Park and I was surprised to find that the film followed the book closer than what I expected, except perhaps the very end and to some degree Fanny’s character. She is much more humble and timid in the book. I think I prefer Austen’s version of Fanny.

I love reading books that give food for thought. Books where one finds statements that inspire or echo your own life. For instance, even if Austen can be viewed as romantic, where the main object is for the heroine to get married, she doesn’t argue for giving into passions, at least not in Mansfield Park – or in Sense and Sensibility. This is how she describes Edmund’s reasoning in finally choosing Fanny:

“…no doubts of her deserving, no fears of opposition of taste, no need of drawing new hopes of happiness from dissimilarity of temper. Her mind, disposition, opinions, and habits wanted no concealment, no self-deception on the present, no reliance on future improvement.”

He is of course comparing with Mary Crawford and a disposition very opposite to his temper and situation – a person who would not have made him happy no matter how passionately he loved her. We like to think that loving is all that is required but anyone who has been in a relationship know it is more to the story than that. I like that Austen acknowledges that. That makes her stories as timely today as they were when they were written.

I also have to comment on another piece of text in the book.

“…her happiness was of a quiet, deep, heart-swelling sort; and though never a great talker, she was always more inclined to silence when feeling most strongly.”

Such precious lines! I’m afraid I am just the same. The more important and closer to my heart…I just have no inclination to share it with others. I suppose that is a deficiency in today’s society where one has to scream to be seen and acknowledged…but we still exist – those of us to keep the diamonds of life hidden in our hearts.

Guest writer for Egenutgivarna

This week I have written about how to choose a print-on-demand company when you self-publish. Since I am in the process of publishing my first book, I have done an extensive research into print-on-demand and was asked to share my thoughts on the subject for the members and other interested visiting Egenutgivarnas homepage.

Since the article is in Swedish, here’s a recap. There are loads of companies that will print your book for you. Some of them work mostly like a printing company and others offer the same services that a publishing company does. What you get for your money therefore varies and you need to do your research properly. The most important things to check is: who has the legal rights to your work – you or the company? Who takes care of ISBN and EAN-codes that make the book possible to sell commercially? What is the company’s routine for paying you for the sales? What services do the company offer and to what prices?

June Light Pictures

This time I don’t have a complete design concept that I’ve seen and liked. But since I always take pictures of light fittings and play of light wherever I am, here are a few pics taken during the month of June.

IMAG1057 Natt på Hisingen FB
Night sky

IMAG1016 Armatur Café Chao FB
Older style light fitting at Café Chao

IMAG1045 Entré Sahlgrenska FB
Nice light treatment for entrance at Sahlgrenska Hospital

Yoga, Vincent and Finn

On my reading list right now: Mansfield Park, Yoga and Dear Theo.
I told you about Mansfield Park the other week. Now that school is finished I have time to read non-fictional books as well, and books that do not concern lighting. Woohoo!

I started doing yoga a few years ago as a form of exercise and quickly discovered that there was more to the story than what met the eye. I like the philosophy at the core of yoga and the possible life-style to be gained from it. I have previously read books about yoga philosophy but this book, written by Christina Brown, is focused on exercises. I have just started reading it and hope to use it to put together morning and evening programs. Big changes are coming and I intend to be ready for them.

Dear Theo is a collection of letters written by Vincent van Gogh and edited by Irving Stone. I should confess that I am in love with the man. A truly fascinating person, not only as an artist, but in his thoughts and life as well. I am currently fascinated enough that the book has become my bible – neatly placed by my bed to be read before going to sleep. You’ll be hearing more about him and his letters. I’m in no doubt that this infatuation will last long.

With school over I will be going back to my own writing. Preparing Finn, the farmer’s son will be my summer project. I recently got some help from a friend who suggested some re-writing. Need to have a think about that. I am also keen to start writing something new. Perhaps about Van Gogh or some radio theatre play – a new love that needs to be explored.