Lighting and Wood

The other day when I was sorting through webpages I have saved as favourites, I re-discovered these beautiful lights. There is something appealing about the way light play with wood materials. The wood adds a wonderful warm and rich feel to the light. If you want bling-bling, sparkles and glitter then you should go for metal or clear glass, but if you want a warm, cosy feeling reminiscent of endless woods and being connected to nature, choose wooden light fittings. It is perfect for minimalistic interiors, adding a bit of warmth to an otherwise cool interior.

Macmasterdesign Flux pendant
Flux Pendant

Macmasterdesign Cocoon pendant small
Cocoon small pendant

Macmasterdesign Bloom pendant
Bloom pendant

Pictures from


Know Your Passions

I have now reached 48 reasons why I want to become a published author. It is a silly little exercise but an interesting one. I can’t remember where I found it but here’s how it goes: you specify a goal you want to reach and then you try to list 50 reasons why you want to reach that goal. If you’re not motivated 50 reasons is a lot! Believe me! my former profession only ticked 8 reasons. I decided that if I could list 40 it was worth going for.

Recently there has been mostly lighting updates on this blog, but otherwise my life seems to revolve around writing this summer. I enjoy the madness of it; writing this blog, preparing my novel for print, reading any chance I get, and to add to the madness I’ve started on a movie script – only research so far.

So with author at the top of my career list, lighting design coming in on a close second, it is what I am most motivated to do right now. I have known this for years. Now it’s staring me in the face and it’s time to start working in the right directions. Therefore, this week I intend to start publishing my novel in the form of a blog. Finn the farmer’s son is a sort of coming of age story with a few mystical elements, told through a series of separate poems. You will be able to follow the story one poem per week while I edit and prepare its final look for proper print. Update about that coming soon…


Another restaurant with pretty light fittings is Nonna. For some odd reason, designers seem to get the most creative in the restroom. It was a bit dark but the light fittings are mad and beautiful. I also love glass fittings with patterns in the glass, like the ones from Nonna. And simple solutions like the little wall spotlight that highlight an area for notes. Well worth a visit, in any case.







Puta Madre

Last weekend I visited the amazing restaurant Puta Madre in Gothenburg. Amazing at least when it comes to the interior. I do love this, but from a lighting design point of view, perhaps they missed something. We took help from an obliging candle to read the menu. The heavy draperies, the dark rich colours and the thick fabrics in the lampshades creates a fantastic atmosphere but is not so good if you want to see the friends you’re with.





All that glitters isn’t gold

…even better, it could be Copper! I adore copper – the richness, how light plays in the material, and its heavy, solid appearance. And the colour itself – reddish brown – hm, I do seem to have a weakness for that colour.
My first love for copper light fittings must be Tom Dixon’s Void. I love both the shape and the colour. From Tom Dixon there is also the fantastic Etch Shade.
Recently I saw another favourite, Frandsén’s Ball, in copper at It looks amazing in copper, even with all the other great colours to choose from.
Other contestants are LightYears’ Orient and Gadd from Lyktan i Bankeryd.

Tom Dixon Viod2
Tom Dixion – Void. Picture from

Tom Dixon Etch
Tom Dixion – Etch Shade. Picture from

Frandsén – Ball. Picture taken at Bolia, Arkaden, Göteborg

LightYears – Orient. Picture from

Lyktan i Bankeryd – Gadd. Picture taken at Centrumbelysning, Kungälv

Hard Times is hard reading

I am almost half way through Hard Times by Charles Dickens. I have read a few books by Dickens before, and even if I’m not a fan, there are stories I like a lot. Bleak House, for instants, is a really good story and when I am pressed for time I like watching the BBC mini-series adaptation. Hard Times is something else though. I find it really difficult to get into. I mostly read on the bus, to and from work, and even if I get through a chapter per trip, I often realize that I can’t remember what I just read. There is something about the story that makes it difficult to connect with the characters. I don’t find them or their lives interesting enough to care about them. Well, I have a few more chapters before I’m at the end. Perhaps I will have an epiphany in the last chapter.

Vincent van Gogh’s letters continue to be constant companions. One of the most recent lines I underlined says:

“My policy is always to risk rather too much than too little; if one is defeated by risking too much – well, be it so.”

I wish I was better at living according to that principle. Most of us don’t risk enough and end up regretting what we failed to do, or say, or try for.

“…my aim in my life is to make pictures and drawings, as many and as well as I can; then at the end I hope to pass away, looking back with love and tender regret, and think: ‘Oh, the pictures I might have made!’”

Yes, I don’t think I am alone in thinking that he didn’t have enough time to make his beautiful pictures.


  • Quotes from Dear Theo by Irving Stone.