London Calling

– Or the top 5 Speirs + Major projects to see while in London.

I am only a few weeks away from moving to London, even if it might just be temporarily. It’s a big adventure of course, especially since I have wanted this for a few years now. But never mind that – living in London will offer the opportunity, not just to see the city, but to see lighting design projects from favourite design companies such as Speirs + Major. As I was looking through their webpage I realized that their projects alone provided 5 must-see projects. So here they are, in random order:

The Barbecoa Restaurant – I love Jamie Oliver, I love Tom Dixon and I love Speirs + Major; this is a must-see without a doubt.

Queen’s Walk, South Bank – it looks so amazing in Speirs + Major’s pictures that I will be so disappointed if it’s not as amazing in real life. The blue light and twinkles in the trees! I have great hopes for this one.

Sackler Crossing, Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew – this is one of the projects that made me like Speirs + Major in the first place; this and the Infinity Bridge, sadly not in London.

St. Paul’s Cathedral – I have never been inside St. Paul’s. Last time we tried, it was closed. Better luck this time around.

Bridge of Aspiration – this is also a project that looks amazing in pictures and I really hope that it will turn out to be worth the visit. There is something very appealing with the look of it.

To be continued as I make my way around London to see these beautiful spaces, and other places too…

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Barbecoa Restaurant
Barbecoa Restaurant

Queens Walk
Queen’s Walk

Sacklers Bridge
Sackler’s Bridge

St Pauls
St Paul’s Cathedral

Bridge of aspiration
Bridge of Aspiration


A literary week

This week I am continuing the Hobbit by brilliant J.R.R Tolkien. I enjoy the Hobbit; Bilbo is a very likable character and the world of Tolkien is mesmerizing. You can tell, though, that the Hobbit is written for a younger audience than the Lord of the Rings. Tolkien is for-shadowing, something which I am not particularly fond of. To be honest, even though I love the Hobbit, it is not my favourite Tolkien story. I remember when I read Lord of the Rings, I was so in love with Middle Earth and Frodo that when I got to the end of the story, after reading all the appendixes, I started reading the book from the beginning again, straight off. I was half way through the book a second time before the magic let go of me and I could concentrated on reading other things. Still, the book had to be there, on my night stand, just in case I wanted to return to that world. For those of you who follow my other blog,, you might have read in the bi-pages that Finn, the Farmer’s Son originally was inspired by Lord of the Rings.

Another Tolkien story that I always recommend is Roverandom. It is the sweetest little story about a toy-dog who gets lost and all the adventures that happen to him. Tolkien invented the story when his son’s toy-dog got lost.
Tolkien has also written one of the most beautiful creation stories I have come across, at least if you love music, like I do. You find it at the beginning of the Silmarillion. I love the idea that the world was created through music.

This week I have started designing the cover for my book. It’s going to be a simple two-toned pattern, with a box for the title. I also had to edit the latest poem posted for Finn, the blog. I thought I was done re-writing, but I’m learning that you never are, until you stop yourself. Enough is enough.

IMAG1616 Tolkien FB
A beautiful collection of books. Observe that the bookmark is still in place in the Lord of the Rings

Light & Shadow in Conference Room

This week’s lighting design isn’t the most ground breaking or most spectacular but I really like this. You can find interesting lighting everywhere. I was at a conference about starting your own business when I confused my fellow conference-goers by randomly taking pictures of the ceiling. The overall lighting is very functional. You’re not meant to notice the downlights that are spread all over the ceiling and that give an even light to the whole space. The spotlights for the stage is also mostly functional and not something you necessarily will notice. Then, there are the big round suspended luminaries. I’m sure they are not to everybody’s taste but notice the lovely shadow-play against the ceiling and walls. A small detail, and only people like me will see it, but it adds that little extra, give a nice atmosphere to the room. And don’t forget the large windows that give plenty of daylight and connects you to the outside.





Hidden Addictions

First some news: I have my first lighting design project. It’s mostly helping a friend out as she is doing the interior design but I’m really excited about it. It will look great, especially if I can get the lighting right. Hope to tell you more about that soon.

Perhaps I should also promote my other blog. I have for some time now written, edited and prepared my first novel for print publication. Since I got tired of waiting, editing is such a slow process, I have started publishing it as a blog. Once a week, sort of, I publish a poem which takes the story a little further. You find it on:

Meanwhile I continue reading Mindfulness by Titti Holmer. As I mentioned when I last wrote about this book, sometimes you may be aware of certain truths but not until the right moment, in the right wording, does it also mean something. I’ve just read a chapter about addictions and how to over-come them. I have for years joked about being a workaholic, and I really am overambitious. This summer for instance, my job has required me to work Saturdays. Normal people would take a day off during the week since you work weekends. No, I get up the same time every day, work on my projects all day and continue into the evening as I always do.

According to Holmer, when you do something so much that it affects basic needs then it’s an addiction that will, long term, have a negative effect on your health. Some of the common addictions she mentions are coffee, alcohol, food, candy, cigarettes, but she also mentions activity. Does my work interfere with my needs of nutrition, sleep, exercise, touch, relationships and feeling of worth? I can say yes to more than one of the above. I deny myself a lot of things to chase a fulfilling employment, working with my projects, and constantly trying to get better at what I do. There is nothing wrong with the intensions but that I deny myself basics that I need to be happy and fulfilled?! I think the workaholic joke has lost its amusement. It’s time to find a more balanced attitude.