Books and Creativity

I am only a few pages from finishing Dear Theo, a book I have been reading both for inspiration and as research for a movie script I am writing. As I am coming to the end of the book I must conclude that I didn’t like the book particularly much. It is not due to the actual content of the book, because I do find Vincent van Gogh’s life and his letters very intriguing and inspiring, but because I do not like the selection of letters and the way it has been edited. I read an earlier book in Swedish a while ago which was much better and I have also started reading another book consisting of van Gogh’s letter. Both books have a much better collection of the letters. The main reason why I don’t like the book edited by Irving Stone is because he has edited together the letters into one prolonged text divided into chapters. It might make it easier to follow Vincent’s thoughts but makes it difficult to follow the historical chronology.

Danny Boyle continues to fascinate me. I saved a quote where he talked about how he preferred the rock-band model in which a group of people collaborate, to working in settings where the focus is on one individual. Even as a writer, I can agree with that. I can write the storyline on my own, but to put the book together and market it; it should be a team effort. Writers are good at telling stories but that does not mean that they are great at editing the text, or setting the text so that it is easy to read, or creating an appealing cover, or even to speak of the text to make the potential reader interested. Perhaps that is why I have lately found myself being drawn to writing for film and theatre. There, other people will take my story and give it life.

Shortly after the New Year, I joined a project on Instagram and Facebook where you, on a theme, try to do one creative thing a day. I started out with great enthusiasm but soon life took over as it so often does. It was great though, to be able to get a few moments each day to do something creative. Below are pictures of my creative effort for the themes: Resistance, Clothes, Red and Black & White.

Poem on the theme Resistance

Theme Clothes: sewing on sequins on Bollywood skirt

Theme red: very uninspired

Theme Black & White: trying out drawing light with white pen on black paper


Moon Thai Kitchen

Back in Gothenburg, I find fun and interesting interior designs at favourite restaurants. Moon Thai Kitchen seems to have gone completely mad when they created the interior design for their restaurant at Kristinelundsgatan. It’s kitsch on overdrive. Yet, the atmosphere that it creates is fantastic. It is really like being transported to another world. I have never been to Thailand, so I’m not sure that is where you end up when visiting Moon Thai but, especially on a frosty day with biting winds, we escaped Sweden. When designing light or interior designs for a restaurant, I think the most important aspect is that the design goes together with the experience. Moon Thai is mad, fun and playful and it suites their style.

During a brief visit to London I took a few pictures of London Bridge. It’s really not one of my favourite bridges in London but it is very well lit. It highlights all the right things, which makes the bridge look more attractive at night, I think, than it does during the day. With so many architectural features there is a lot to choose from, to bring out the shape, form and defining features of the bridge.

Table at Moon Thai Kitchen

Pendant with red light bulb

Coloured light strand intertwined with the interior decorations

Light effect on the floor

London Bridge



The Liar

During the Christmas holidays, I finished reading the Liar by Stephen Fry. I have read other Fry books and wrote about the Fry Chronicles in an earlier update. The Liar is the first fictional book by Stephen Fry that I have read, all the previous being, at least partly, biographical. At first, I found it difficult to follow the storyline. It jumps between different past stories and the present story, and some parts that I instinctively thought was a story within the story. Throughout the reading, all I really trusted was that some, or all of it, was a lie. The surprise ending, there is more than one to be honest, still left me with a sense of having read a really good book. So my admiration for Mr. Fry is still intact.

The new book I am reading is Danny Boyle – creating wonder by Amy Raphael. I first noticed Danny Boyle when he directed Slumdog Millionaire. I have seen Trainspotting, ages ago, but I didn’t take notice then. Since Slumdog, I have seen the opening ceremony of the London summer Olympics and the absolutely brilliant Frankenstein performed at the National Theatre. The book is inspiring! I even found a new quote: quietly ambitious. I hope that applies to me, but I’m not so sure about the quietly…or the ambitious. No, I am ambitious!

Talking about ambitions, I really ought to get that poetry-novel of mine published, good and proper. But being me, I have instead started writing on a theatre play, researching for my film script inspired by Vincent van Gogh, and I am dying to get started on another film script that I’ve carried in my head for several years now.

And since we’re talking ambitions; why can’t I settle for a nice little story? All three projects require massive research. I going to enjoy the journey – but man, it’s going to be a long one.