Crystals and Twinkling Lights

My parents visited me last weekend, which provided an unexpected light experience. We visited the Cutty Sark at Greenwich. I was there years ago, before they built the new museum. I love the new build. The glass walls that covers the lower part of the ship makes the ship look as if it is in water. The reflections in the glass add yet another dimension and point of interest. From inside the museum, the glass creates a lovely, airy space where you can experience the ship from below. Really clever! The experience is perfect for its setting.

There is always a lot of walking involved when you are being a tourist and walking is probably the best way to experience a city. As always, I came across some fun and some beautiful luminaires. The squirrels were in a little shop on Carnaby Street. They are just mad but that is probably why I like them. And why put them upside down?! The crystal light fittings, fitted with LED light bulbs, I found at Selfridges. They are simply beautiful. There is a specific glow and sparkle to the light as it plays with cut glass. It really appeals to me. There is a sense of luxury even when the luminaires are as plain as these.

Last but not least, I’ve been to a concert. Obviously, I don’t go to big arena concerts very often, because I can’t remember that there were so many hand-held colourful and twinkling lights last time I went. What’s up with that?! Some of the teenagers looked like Christmas trees with light strings wrapped around their bodies. It was fascinating to watch, in any case.

Reflections in the glass walls at Cutty Sark

View from Cutty Sark museum shop

Squirrels upside down in a the form of a ceiling luminaire

Crystal luminaire in a row at Selfridges

Twinkle, twinkle little…colourful light


Call the Midwife

Since my last update, it has been a case of everything happening at one time. With a cold from hell I moved back to London little over a week ago. It’s been lovely being back in the amazing city that is London but so far I have not had much chance to experience it. Instead I have been home to cure my cold. The reason for moving is of course that I have started my first ever lighting design employment. Now is the time to find out if this career path was the right one, although I feel rather confident about that.

You would think that starting a new job would see the past days sparkling with lighting design inspiration but so far it is mostly confusion and trying to figure things out. Instead I have had plenty of time to read. What else is there to do when commuting? Trains, tubes and busses are really ideal for reading, as long as they are not too crowded. I have been reading Call the Midwife, by Jennifer Worth. It was given to me as a going-away present since it recalls London’s East End in the 1950’s. You might have seen the TV-show. They have shown it in Sweden and I assume in the UK. The book is very well written, and by that I mean that you find yourself drawn into the story. I have to watch that I don’t miss my stop because I do forget myself as I become involved with the characters. The one point so far that I don’t like is that it centres on the Nonnatus House midwifes and therefore also around child birth. The book does give a few more details on the subject than I care to know. With that said, it is definitely a book worth reading.