I, A Liar

Recently, I made a new acquaintance. When I said I was a writer his response was: “So you are a liar”.
I suppose in a sense he is right. I make up stories, change the reality I encounter, and dream up situations the way I would like them to be.
There is one truth I sometimes tell that no one ever believes. The simpler the truth, the more difficult it is for people to accept it; the more outrageous the lie, the more believable. Just take the most common of all questions: You alright? Now be honest, do you always reply that you are ok or do you actually tell people how you feel?! It is handy to tell my particular lie – sorry, truth – since no one ever calls my bluff and therefore never questions how much or how little of it is true.
Good stories are rarely questioned either. Take Hamlet for instance, he speaks to his father’s ghost. Although, few of us believe in ghosts, most of us will accept the ghost as part of the larger story. In the theatre we are expected to believe that the world of the play is real even if we can clearly see that the things on stage are not for real. But we accept it to be able to embrace the story.
I shouldn’t really say that I am a write, even if that is my preferred form; what I really am is a story-teller. For me the world that exists in my head has always been more real than the physical world around me.
I like the music I fall in love with because it triggers something in my mind. There is a story within, a scene perhaps, that I can build on and continue. I have even written short-stories and film scripts inspired by lyrics. Nothing unusual, I am sure.
The things I feel when I read a book or see a film, is often more true and genuine than things that happen to me. Somehow it is easier to relate to the told story; emotions are focused, simplified, put in context, and not muddled with confusion, opposing emotions or lost among all other things that happened at the same time.
Even in lighting design, I would like to tell stories. I am happy to plot lighting symbols on a drawing but it does not excite as much as when you feel the lighting, experience the space and, hopefully, are transported to another place – at least in your head. Theatre use it all the time – enhancing the story with light colour, light patterns, or just helping you focus on the key element in the scene.
Perhaps it is superficial to let stories take such a key role in my life, but that is my reality and I would love to play it forward – telling tales, lies if you like, just like man has done since we had languages to communicate with.


Realizing My Book Dream

One good thing about spending about three hours per day on trains going to and from work is that you have plenty of time to read. This week I have almost finished a book by Kristina Svensson and Joanna Björkqvist, two colleagues of mine, if I may call them that since we are all part of the same self-publisher’s organisation Egenutgivarna. Both Kristina and Joanna have succeeded with what I am still trying to accomplish – that is to publish their debutant book. Förverkliga Din Bokdröm, roughly translated into Realize Your Book Dream, is a practical handbook for all the things you need to deal with to realize that dream of publishing your first book. The book does not cover how to write the story but how to manage all the other bits that go into publishing, especially if you intend to self-publish. Practical advice from their own experiences are weaved with interviews where other authors and self-publishers talk about the different challenges you will inevitably face.
This book is likely to be one of the books in my possession that is covered with little notes in the margins of ideas and issues I want to get started with. That is the bad part of reading on the train – you cannot just sit down by the computer and start writing on that idea you had or do a bit of research into some area that seem to fit with where you are in the process. It has to be memory notes and inspiration for now until I find some time during the weekend. I am learning loads from this book. Now I only have to prove to myself that I too can realize my book dream.
If you wish to follow my current story, Finn the Farmer’s Son, it is being published at: http://www.finntheblog.wordpress.com