41 Strings

It is completely unrelated to lighting or writing but I thought I would share the experience anyway. Last Friday, I won tickets for Nick Zinner: 41 Strings concert at Royal Festival Hall, thanks to London in Stereo. I honestly had no idea what I won tickets to, but since I never win anything I was really excited about going.

The concert consisted of two pieces. IIII, I would call an electronica and drums piece. It is inspired by Vivaldi’s the Four Seasons. I don’t normally like electronica but when it is accompanied by eight talented live drummers playing live, it is pretty darn cool. It is great to see the musicians jamming along with the music even between their own parts. Life in general, and music among that, should be live – even electronica.

If IIII is electronica then, 41 Strings is rock-band based with 3 drummers, 2 bas, 8 guitarists, 1 synth – and of course, the 41 strings – violin, viola and bas. The strings added that extra texture to the music that only strings can. If there is one instrument that I wish I could master, it is the violin. It has an emotional layer that goes straight to my soul. Strings also go well with rock music, I find.

The music is multi-layered and the strings are allowed to swell. It is the kind of music that makes you forget to breath, rips your heart out, while your soul lifts and soars. Goose bumps; again and again goose bumps.

41 Strings is also inspired by the Four Seasons. Especially in the third piece you can hear this. It has the same energy and style. The one that touched me the most is the second piece.

When I experience music like this I sometimes wish that I can make other people hear what I hear. Because if you do not hear what I hear, you cannot feel and experience what I feel – and if not, no matter how much I want to share it, you will never entre my world.

Apart from the concert itself, Friday also gave the opportunity to see the Royal Festival Hall for the first time. Lovely space! I liked the interior and the lighting very much. Dark woods, rich textures and well highlighted with the lighting scheme. I especially liked the red wall under the balconies, which themselves have a nice colour contrast. That is where I want to be next time.





Poetry & the End of Van Gogh

I have just reached the Arles period in the Vincent van Gogh book that I am reading, The Letters of Vincent van Gogh selected by Ronald de Leeuw. I both love and hate reading about that time in van Gogh’s life. It is with a sense of doom one reads about his workaholic life style, the paintings, Gaugin and Vincent’s illness. It saddens me; I want to stop the process or at least slow it down. Van Gogh has been my muse for a long time now and influences much of what I write.

“If one carries on working quietly, beautiful subjects come of their own accord.”

Vincent van Gogh, November 1889

I have been writing a fair amount of poetry lately. A good thing as the National Poetry Competition is coming up soon. A creative surge in poetry always occurs when I have a lot to deal with emotionally. The more emotional turbulence the more poetry I produce. It is a good way to channel emotions. I either try to capture a given point in time or describe the emotional turmoil. The other day I read through the poems and at least two of them I was really pleased with. Here are the first lines of Never Enough:

“Never good enough
I have never been
Clever enough
Quick enough
Never been relaxed
Always too serious
Always too rigid”

I have also applied for a writer’s working stipend. If I get it I will devote some weeks solely to publish Finn, the Farmer’s Son. I don’t expect to be one of the lucky ones to win, just like I do not expect to win the short-story competition I am going to entre, but if you do not entre then you certainly cannot win. I have written a romantic love-story. Yes, you heard right. Do not laugh my dear friends, even I fall for that genre at times. Another project I recently entered into is a Christmas book that, the writer’s club I belong to, is going to publish for next Christmas. It will be an anthology and I intend to contribute. I am still searching for ideas but I have already started writing a first draft.

Sooner or later it shall all be published – one way or another.