New Year New Writing Goals

During the autumn, writing slid right off the priority list. Normally writing is my reason for getting up in the morning, however 2014 brought a new job, in a new career and a move to a new country. It is safe to say that settling into this new life took priority…

Now when things are not quite so new anymore, I finally have time for writing again. Hopefully this will be reflected in this blog, which will go through a few changes in the coming weeks.

Let us start with a recap as well as what is coming in the year ahead. At the end of 2014, I joined two writing groups. I joined the groups mostly to make a few new friends but I am also using them to reach my writing goals for the coming year which is to e-publish one or more short-stories and the long anticipated publication of poetry-novel Finn, the Farmer’s Son. Although,  I suspect that I am the only one waiting for Finn to be published.

This blog will continue to have snippets of my stories and updates on my writing endeavours as they unfold.