Experience light

In the last update I gave a recap and looking ahead for the writing side of this blog. The lighting side does not have as many or as clearly defined goals for the coming year. To be honest,  for such a long time I was focused on getting a job within lighting that when I eventually achieved that, I ended up in limbo. So now what? I found myself asking.

A bit silly when you think of it, since you never stop learning your trade. Especially within a business that is going through so many and profound changes, it is hard work to keep up. If you really love your subject too, which I do, then you want to continue to explore, learn and discover within your field.

Which brings me to my vague goal for the coming year. I want to see more different lighting projects to learn more about experiencing light. Talk to people and learn from their experiences and knowledge.  See theatre, architecture,  light fittings and so on. I will of course share with you what I discover.