Writing Frenzy

I have ended up in a writing fever due to most of my life being up in the air since about a month ago; moving, break ups etcetera. I really try to stick to working on one project at a time but lately I have gone overboard with writing. Not only, am I doing a final edit of my short-story Let me tell you a story while you sleep, but I have also started working on two other projects.

A recent break up has created a need to vent which at the moment seems to progress into a poetry story. So far, I have 30 odd poems that follow the relationship from the first meeting until the bitter end. I really like the idea of following the ups and downs of a relationship through poems and remembrances. I am however not as sure that I want to share all these experiences with a general public. I am writing it for sure. If it will get published eventually, is yet to be determined.

My friends’ production of a play that I sadly didn’t have the opportunity to see, brought out another writing project. I remembered that I wrote a children’s play a few years ago, one of few pieces of writing that I wrote in Swedish. I have now started translating the play with the aim to find a local theatre to produce it. I never really liked it when I wrote it but as I read it now, a few years later, it must have grown on me. How to translate names though? There are a few fairies in the story with very imaginative names based on names of flowers, ferns, moss etcetera. The names don’t make sense translated and I don’t know how to rename my poor fairies.

Clearly, when nothing else makes sense in my world, writing is a saviour. The introvert who can sit for hours, cooped up with my computer and create stories, has become a dominant feature. My writing fever is generating a lot of text, with any luck, some of it is actually good writing too.


The Roles of a Modern Writer

I am at the final stages of publishing a romantic short-story as e-book. Parallell to doing a final editing, I research self-publishing alternatives and make decisions on cover design etcetera. The thing I like about self-publishing is the different roles you take on. I like the writing part best and that is what I do naturally, but there is a challenge and an opportunity to learn and grow, as I take on the roles of editor and publisher. For my own sanity, I try to keep the roles separate. I am sure there are as many ways to be an author as there are writers, but personally, I cannot write and edit at the same time – it would stifle the creativity when I write.

Let me tell you a story while you sleep will be my first full-length story to be published and I am both nervous and excited about bringing it to a close. I don’t normally write love stories and the tale is a very subjective story about taking new chances in life; challenging your preconceived views of life, love and relationships. It is not so far from my normal theme of finding your own personal place in life.

I will of course keep you updated when I reach new stages in the publishing process.