Carlo’s Cafe – brief review

Excellent review of Global Fusion’s International Women’s Day event where my participation is briefly mentioned. Grateful to have been part of this event together with so many talented people

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Scene from Carlo's Cafe- pic by F Macha 2016Written by Hazel Brown

What a great success Saturday 12th March  performance of Carlo’s Cafe was. A full and enthusiastic house, the audience were geared up to enjoy the evening and GFMA did not disappoint.

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Bride and a Missing Groom

I have shamefully neglected this blog for a while. I simply got tired of my own voice and didn’t feel inclined to share my writing or my thoughts.

Recently I met up with one of my writer’s groups and, despite a painful and complicated theme of the evening, the discussions and writing was inspiring enough that I found myself wanting to share my writing again.

The theme of the night was Bride and Groom, picked by a young member of the group. Love, relationships and marriage are complicated, painful, joyful subjects that all of us have experience of and I don’t think anyone will escape untouched from. As you can tell from the title, I adapted the theme a bit to fit to my reality but as with everything else in life, try to find what works for you.


Bride and a Missing Groom

Princess dresses

Cinderella shoes

Sugary pinks and blues

A prince of course

But no thoughts further


Big wedding

All my friends

A church in a

Picturesque location

Still fairy tale dreaming


Simplicity is the key

Plain silvery dress

Escaping with the

man I love and

those most important


I’m nearing middle-age

The wedding not important

Neither is the ring

Someone to belong with

Someone to grow old with


Perhaps I want the ring after all

And someone to share life with

But I know perfectly well

that I can live happily without it