Author Learning Day

This Saturday I am attending my first one-to-one literary agent event. I have previously sent in material for comments at agent events but this will be the first time I will sit face to face with an agent to discuss my writing. To say that I’ll be nervous is an understatement.

I have sent the agent two shorter extracts instead of one longer. Part of the reason is that I don’t think I am within this particular agent’s scope; partly because I want to discuss my texts rather than try to pitch novels that are not quite ready. Why you may ask?

Well, I have heard through the grapevine that agents rarely take on new writers at these events. I therefore have no such expectations. Better to focus on what can be achieved – practice talking about your own writing, getting professional critique and learn more about how to further my career as a writer.

“Practice make perfect,” they say so Saturday is author learning day.


Light+Building 2016

The week before Easter I was given the opportunity to visit the Light and Building exhibition in Frankfurt for the first time. I have been wanting to attend this massive exhibition since I heard about its existence when I was still a lighting design student. Naturally, I was very excited to go.

As always I was not necessarily drawn to the things I ought to be drawn to. Hanging around my own company’s stand did not really appeal to me even if I do think that we had one of the better ones in this vast exhibition. White boxes with too many glary fittings was the predominant stand layout unfortunately. Neither did I enjoy going round looking at our competitors, although of course I still did.

No, I ended up in interesting conversations about how to keep a company with strong roots in its design history updated, product design in general and the history of French product design in particular with a bit of patent problematics thrown in.

So what did tickle my fancy? Osram’s OLEDs were amazing. The stand really drew me in and I think their product was the first time I have seen OLED fittings as a convincing solution to genuine lighting situations. That you, a bit naughty or not, could try to bend the material and see how flexible it is, was of course a plus. I also saw a few companies that combined lighting and sound proofing units. Brilliant idea! How many have not worked in noisy open offices? Imagine having a nice wall feature that combines office art, lighting and sound proofing such as the one from Acoshape+. Or linear fittings over the desk that not only provide light but absorbs the sound. And just like any other person, I enjoyed walking around on the floor that lit up with the pressure of my weight. Lighting designer or not, it was great fun seeing the light tiles follow my steps.

Next year I shall come more prepared – ready so see even more of the exhibition. It is a mad, mad world.


Osram OLED tiles in display cabinets, as feature lighting and over reception desk. Below acoustic and lighting wall.