Publishing Takes Time

I have neglected this blog for a few months now. It hasn’t been entirely by choice. Although a new lighting design position 10 months ago did free up time, most of that time has gone to catching up on two years of focusing on one type of lighting projects when I now work on any type that’s thrown my way.

But I have been working on my writing. I hope within the next month to have my first self-published piece available in an ebook store near you. After researching my options I have settled on Smashwords and is currently doing a final proofreading and learning how to prepare my text for upload, as well as understanding how to pay tax if I earn any money. Why, oh, why, are all these publishing sites American?!

Normally, my stories are about finding your place in life. Perhaps you could call it coming of age stories for adults. I think many people can identify with finding themselves in a life they never wanted. How do you find your way back to being happy with yourself and your life? However, Let me tell you a story while you sleep, is not what I would call a typical story for me.

Let me tell you a story while you sleep is a romantic story about a woman who has planned to live her life alone, identifying herself as independent and self-sufficient. That is, until she meets someone that turns this concept upside down. When she starts a new life in an unfamiliar place the rules of the game changes…or has the rules really changed?

As I writer you want to tell stories. Everything you do that is not to write, no matter how related, feels like a waste of your time. Even in the middle of learning to self-publishing, I still try to write. Currently I’m planning the story line for a full-length novel and I have a short-story book that I will soon start to edit. But for now it’s detail editing, getting my head around ebook layout and taxes that take up most of my time. Marketing? I suppose I’ll get to that eventually as well.