50 shortcuts to a sugar free life – review

I’m afraid this review will be mostly relevant for anyone who can read Swedish. Apologies to the rest of you who read this blog, but there might still be a point or two for you to pick up.

A while ago, actually, I read Fredrik Paulún’s book 50 Genvägar till ett Sockerfritt Liv (translated: 50 shortcuts to a sugar free life). Paulún is a nutritionist who introduced the concept of GI – glycemic index – to Sweden. He is deemed an expert on the GI-diet and also has his own brand of granola, bread, juices etcetera.

I was given this book because I have for years struggled with illnesses relating to bloodsugar drops and eating sugars. What I like about this book, is that it doesn’t demonise eating sugars. It rather explains what added sugars do to your body and your bloodsugar levels as well as the difference in how our bodies react if the sugar is natural, such as in fruits, or if it’s added. It outlines the different types of sugars that exists and it’s really a comprehensive book about what sugar is.

I found a lot of inspiration and strenght in this book to continue my own journey to become no-added-sugar free. There is references to scientific studies in the book and, fair enough, you seem to be able to prove anything through science these day, but I think one thing has been proven without doubt – too much sugar intake is detrimental to your health and causes lots of different health issues. Sugars do not belong in our daily diet but should be a treat; a weekend and holiday luxury. What I grew up with that you could have a goodie bag with candy on Saturday och soft drinks were only for birthday parties – well, I think we were on the right track.

And for those of you who feel that no sugars would be impossible, I can offer the consolation that the less you eat, the sweeter the sugary things taste. Personally I find it difficult to eat bananas nowadays – they are too sugary!