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Very good piece about the importance of editing your writing and learning to deal with constructive criticism.


Editing by Marcus A. Nannini If, as an author, you cannot accept criticism, you are in deep trouble. If you believe every sentence you have strung together into a book is critical to the book, you are in even deeper trouble. Being capable of working with an editor is essential, but a successful writer must […]

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A Lighting Design Mile Stone

It’s very rare that I post anything about lighting nowadays. Originally, this blog was going to trace both my lighting career and my writing career. Then the lighting disappeared out of the picture as I got disillusioned with it while getting more and more involved with writing projects.

However, I have just reached a lighting design mile stone. I have completed the biggest and most complicated project yet, after almost 4 years as an Architectural Lighting Designer. The building will eventually host galleries, restaurant, offices, residential flats and outdoor event spaces. It’s been a massive job, especially since there is hardly one simple square room. It’s been daunting, stressful but also very inspiring. Even if I prefer smaller projects, this is the kind of stuff that got me excited about lighting design in the first place.

I also learnt a lot, mostly about myself. As much as I complain about the main light calculation program we use, I do love building rooms and trying to re-create the clients’ visuals so that it will resonate with them when we show our lighting concept. Personally, I have never liked “fake photography quality” visualisations. I prefer hand-sketches or other types of sketchy visuals that show your intentions, not a fake reality that doesn’t exist yet.

I also quite liked that it was complicated. I had to really use my brain to figure out the spaces and what might work to get the lighting effects wanted. Too often lighting is creating standard placement patterns or the lighting has already been specified by someone else and all you have to do is tell the client if it works or not. If you’re lucky they’ll actually listen to your advice as well, but don’t count on it…

Now we wait! After we handed over our proposal, all we can do is wait for them to approve, want to make changes or make an order. I shall share with you if it goes ahead. It promises to be a very cool building.

Let Me Tell You A Story – Amazon update


As promised a little while ago, yes it took longer than anticipated, my ebook Let me tell you a story while you sleep is now available on Amazon/Kindle.

I must confess that I still find Amazon troublesome to use and prefer Smashwords but aiming to please you, my dear readers, and giving you as many options as possible…

This will be a short update as I’m snowed under at work with lighting project that would be much more exciting if I had more undivided time to give each project. Anyone else who doesn’t like quick-fix solutions but prefer to do things “properly” the first time around? I confess to be a quality, not quantity, kind of person.



GFMA Anthology

My first attempt at being an editor is drawing to its end. Since the middle of July I have been co-editing Global Fusion Music and Arts’ writers group’s anthology. We are a couple of regulars to the GFMA writers group that will showcase our writing in the anthology as well as showing what the group creates during our meet ups. I have contributed with two poems and a flash-fiction. It promises to be a very varied collection. We are a very varied group of people.

Co-editing has been hard work, although I have been blessed with my co-editor Kate. There has been few disagreements between us, more a case of:

“I want to put a comma there.”

“Yeah, I’m fine with that.”

I already knew that there was a lot more to editing than what one might first think but my respect for professional editors have grown during this process. Especially to deal with the authors is not an easy task. You see that the piece can be improved and you might have a good idea of how but some authors take this as a chance to grow and learn while others…well they don’t.

With that said though, I’m looking forward to more opportunities to proofread and edit. It’s been exciting and I’ve learnt a lot – about my own writing as well.


Short-story Update

I have caved in! When I first started looking at self-publishing my short-story “Let Me Tell You A Story While You Sleep” I opted out of Amazon. I found it too complicated and all the tax rules a bit daunting. So, when I did finally publish, with a lot more knowledge behind me, and perhaps it wasn’t that much easier, I choose Smashwords.

I like the idea that Smashwords is a distributor, which has enabled me to have my ebook available at Barnes & Noble and Apple iBooks as well. However, I have had quite a few friends complaining that Smashwords is difficult because you have to register on their site first. Personally, I thought in my ignorance that that’s how most online shops work, but I stand corrected if this is not so.

So…Amazon…yesterday I started going through the process of uploading “Let Me Tell You A Story While You Sleep” there as well. The need for sleep, prevented me from completing the upload but if all goes as planned by the end of this weekend, you dear readers, will have the option of buying my book…on Amazon.





If You Exist, You Deserve to Exist. And If You Deserve to Exist, You Deserve to Be Who You Are – Bashar — The Seeds 4 Life

Every single person on the planet is a unique being. There are no two people who share the same ideas, the same past, the same goals and dreams, or the same thoughts. Because of this, we are all perfect just the way we are – imperfections included – and we all equally deserve to exist…

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Svera Jang

A friend let me borrow the book Svera Jang written by Seema Gill. It seemed very promissing, written by a woman originally from India who later lived in Denmark, various countries in Africa and eventually in England. It also promised to be very personal.

I love reading. It’s one of my favourite things to do and a good excuse while commuting or waiting, to hold your book as a barrier against people around you. But I also know that when I start being reluctant to read, I don’t really like the book I’m lugging around with me. Svera Jang is unfortunately one of those books. It’s one where I wonder why I even decided to continue reading with so many books on my wish-list. I suddenly prefer my mp3 to keep me company on the tube rather than my book.

I really wanted to like this book. It’s well written and in a very unusual style, with poetry to complement the story. Gill must have lived an extraordinary life but the book only gives a glimps of it and as I near the end of the book, I’m still wondering what her life story is and I feel a little bit let down that I have grasped so few of the facts.

A writer as good as Gill, should be appreciated and I hope that I’m simply not her reader.